About Us

The Kenya Association of Radiologists¬†…..(KAR) is the national specialty society for radiologists in Kenya. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care, promoting patient safety and helping radiologists contribute to the very best health care for patients.

The KAR is particularly active on three fronts:

We work with governments, health professionals and technology leaders to make optimal use of diagnostic imaging. Our goal is to ensure the right tests are performed the right way and interpreted the right way.

We also serve as the voice of Kenyan radiology so that governments, the public and news media are fully informed about the benefits and risks of diagnostic imaging, the challenges we face and the solutions we propose.

We create, accredit and promote opportunities for continuing medical education and research, helping radiologists stay at the leading edge of diagnostic imaging health care.

Our Vision

To promote the practice, education and research in medical imaging aimed at addressing the imaging related healthcare needs of the Kenyan public.

Our Mission

To be the guide and leader in radiology to better serve our patients and society by empowering members to advance the practice of radiology

Core Values

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Education